Northwest Neighbors (NWN) is a non-profit social club for women who reside in the Northwest Austin area of the great state of Texas. The object of the organization is to help women in our area become better acquainted with each other and the community. Our activities include a Monthly Luncheon with a speaker or program held at the Twin Creeks Country Club, as well as our many Interest Groups, where smaller groups of members get together at various locations to share common interests.


There are no specific borders that limit participation in our club and we currently have members from Northwest Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Pflugerville, Round Rock, and as far as Marble Falls. Whether you are new to the area or have lived here for years, you are welcome to join us.


President’s Message



Ladies, my term will come to an end at the end of May and I would like to welcome the new President, Diana G. I wish her great success and as much cooperation as was given me.  It is also my hope that she never has to mention COVID-19.


Since this is my final address to you as President, I want to take the time to thank all of you for “keeping the faith” by renewing your membership during such unpredictable times and for showing up for the activities we were able to offer.


In the past two years, with your participation, we held a ZOOM Holiday Party, Outdoor Luncheons, a Spring Carnival and to top it off; a Festive Holiday Luncheon hosted by one of our members.


In 2021, with the help of our Communications Chair, Directory Chair and our newly elected Membership Chair, we were able to start a recruiting campaign that brought in a few new members.  In addition, some members invited guests to our Luncheons which resulted in new members.  All of this is a display of what a dedicated and resilient group of women we are.


Our 2022/2023 renewal campaign was just announced at the March Luncheon and got two renewals on the spot. I am sure I will see all of you back for the new year bringing with you . . . more new members!


Au revoir, hasta la vista, see ya!


Helen S.










Navigating our Member Resources Section
  We have consolidated all our password protected pages in one section called MEMBER RESOURCES.   In this section you will find:  Newsletters,  Member Announcements, Directory, Member Forms, and Administration.  Username and password are available to members only and will be given to you when you join – or for current members, by e-mail whenever there are changes.  If you are a member and have any questions about accessing our password protected area, please e-mail northwestneighbors.austin@gmail.com for help.


Upcoming Board Meetings

February 1 – 10:30 AM   At the home of Helen S.

March 1 – 10:30 AM   At the home of Sue F.


Note: Meetings may be changed to virtual via Zoom, if needed. 

Contact info is in your Directory or current newsletter.

Although all members of Northwest Neighbors have been  welcome
to attend as guests and observe board meetings as seating
availability permits, during this continued pandemic, 
we are currently restricting the meetings to Board members only.
Thank you!



Members! How to Form a New Interest Group or

Make a Change to an Existing One!

For those of you interested in forming a new Interest Group or making a change (name, meeting time, etc.) to an existing one, the wondering about how to do it is over! Everything you need to know  (procedure and form to submit) is in our Member Resources section under the sub-heading, Member Information.  Member Resources is listed on our Menu at the top and is password protected – you will need to sign in.

If you have any questions regarding accessing this info,

please contact your Website Chair, Mare W.


To All Northwest Neighbors Members:

It is important that you do not approach Twin Creeks CC staff to request any change to your luncheon meal or to register complaints. The menu is set and you have one alternative choice that can be pre-ordered if you do not like or cannot eat the main
entrée. On the day of the luncheon, no changes or substitutions can be made. If you have any problems with the meal, please tell our NWN luncheon chair or our president and they will speak with Twin Creeks staff, if necessary.  Thank you for your cooperation!



When carpooling to a Northwest Neighbors event or interest group,
it is appropriate to offer your driver a nominal amount
to compensate for their gasoline.

If you are a regular member of an Interest Group that has a
monthly charge to play, it is club policy that you are responsible
for that charge if a sub cannot be found to fill your place.
In such instances, please make sure that your Chairperson
receives your payment as soon as possible.
(See detailed policy at bottom of page)



Magnetic Name Badges

Magnetic name badges are available for those of you who want to purchase one. These name badges can be worn not only at our luncheons, but are great for identifying yourself at our many interest group meetings as they can be taken home with you!  These badges are very helpful for those of us who, at times, have trouble remembering names we know we should not have forgotten!
These badges attach with magnets and will not harm your most delicate clothing.  If you have a pacemaker and shouldn’t wear anything magnetic, these badges can be ordered with a pin backing.

The cost is $9.00 per badge. Sales tax is included in the price. You may order by signing up on the order sheet at the luncheons or by e-mailing your request (name to be on badge, your address and phone number) to: northwestneighbors.austin@gmail.com.

Please note that our usual hang-around-your-neck name tags that are set out at the luncheons will still always be available to every member. The purchase of these magnetic badges is optional.

P.S. When you have a magnetic name badge, the hang-tag makes a very nice place card to hold your seat!
 Important Message for all Members involved in
Interest Group Activities:

Members are reminded that all activities in Northwest Neighbors are governed by reservations, either formal or informal.  All chairpersons and hostesses rely on an accurate attendee count to plan activities, purchase lunches, and organize car pools. It is especially important when Bridge, Canasta, and Bunco must have equal tables of four members to have a successful game.  Please realize that your reservation is your commitment that you will participate in the selected event.  If unable to attend the function, it is always your responsibility to cancel within a reasonable time or find a willing “sub” to attend and pay for the event in your place.  When reservations are not cancelled and the chairperson is faced with a “no show,” it causes a hardship on all. This is also important at meetings of, for example, Craft Club or Supper Club or Culinary Arts or any group that depends on a certain attendance level and plans time, food, etc. accordingly.

The Board has made it a policy that any reservations where a payment is involved that are not properly cancelled within a “reasonable time frame” (or by reservation deadline, if there is one), will result in the member holding the reservation being responsible for payment, regardless of circumstance. Of course, the chairperson will always do her best to find a last minute replacement, and most of us, as a “sub,” are willing to pay for the lunch we consume or the activity in which we participate.  This policy is in place to protect the chairpersons in instances where the cancelled reservation will personally cost her money to continue the activity, pay the luncheon costs, or properly pay out full prize money.

Thanks very much for your cooperation in this!