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February Program


Join us in February as we FLASH  BACK  TO  THE  PAST!


Most of us remember the “Fabulous 50’s!”  Well, it’s time to relive those days of yore for a brief time while we listen to the music of The King!  Cut a Rock ‘n’ Roll rug as we dance and are entertained by Frank Cavitt performing the tunes of Elvis Presley, as well as some special love songs. We will also learn more trivia about that fun era of times gone by and maybe even win a fun prize while doing so!  We welcome you to dress and strut your stuff in those funky fun styles we used to wear—with a prize for the best 50’s look


 NWN Newcomers in the past year – join us at the Newcomers’ Table, meet our board members, and let us know how we can best serve you



March Program


Myra Hargrave McIlvain is back to tell us about her new book, Waters Plantation, a sequel to her previous books, The Doctor’s Wife and Stein House.  She will continue with some of her characters from these books and take them to Texas at the end of Reconstruction.  It will deal with a man trying to come to terms with his bi-racial son’s radical decision and the return of a woman he had thought he’d lost.  


Donna T.


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