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Line Dancing. Instructor, Joan Steele will be leading us in different line dancing routines. Joan began line dancing about 30 years ago and has been teaching for over 25 years.  She started teaching in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas and after moving to this area; she continued teaching. Over 15 of her 25 years of teaching has been at various locations in Cedar Park. Joan feels that line dancing is a great fun way to exercise, not only our bodies, but our minds as well. Her philosophy is to just move, have fun and if you get the dance, that’s a plus.




The Price is Right.  This month, we will be our own entertainment by being participants in the “Price is Right.”  Prizes will consist of items we generally buy for our holiday preparations.  So, while shopping for the upcoming holidays, pay attention to prices.  You may be called upon to be a contestant. The contestant who guesses closest to the prize will win the item.  The hope is to have at least four rounds.  There will also be a final spin-off.  Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to be called to COME ON DOWN!


NOTE:  For those of you who were interested in programs offered by Austin Parks and Recreation, I was notified that starting September 6, Tai Chi and some other programs will begin at the Pickfair Community Center. All other programs should begin in October pending the hiring of staff. 

They advise that you check their website for updates.


Helen S.



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