Bunco is a popular dice game played by 12 people in sets of 4 per table.

This group meets on the last Thursday of each month 

Check the newsletter or contact Cynthia for information on the current month’s play.


October 27


No Bunco in November or December  due to the holidays.




Regulars:  If you are unable to attend, please obtain your replacement and advise me who will be covering for you. If you fail to secure a replacement, please bring your $5 for the missed play to the following Bunco.

Anyone interested in being a permanent member or would like to be on the sub list can send me an e-mail (address for Cynthia F. is in Directory or Newsletter). 



For more information, current members interested in joining Bunco or being a Substitute can phone or e-mail Cynthia F.    Contact info is in our Directory