In 1986, a group of women, new to Austin, were invited to an informal gathering for coffee and doughnuts. The invitation was from a Welcome Wagon representative and the gathering occurred at the Bank of the Hills.  The women continued to meet on a weekly basis developing friendships and exchanging knowledge and ideas about the community.  They soon expanded into having programs and explored forming a more organized social club. A nucleus of about twelve women assembled a constitution and by-laws, planned meetings, organized social events, and installed officers.  In 1987, New Neighbors of Northwest Austin became a reality.  In 2002, the name was changed to Northwest Neighbors (NWN).


From this small group, the club has grown to over 140 members.  Several women who were among the founders remain active in the club today giving their friendship, support and leadership.  Though the club has grown in members, the objectives remain the same as initially stated in the constitution – to help members become acquainted with each other and the community and to promote friendly relations in the Northwest Austin area.


One of the uniting forces of this club was the establishment of our interest groups.  They provide a variety of activities that should reach out to all members.  Participating in these groups allows members to become even better acquainted with other members.  Sometimes a new group might be suggested that would appeal to the members.  With enough interest shown, it is organized.  If a member feels she would like to join a group, she has only to contact the chairperson to find out the details.


The Executive Board serves the membership to maintain a continuity of operation.  It makes decisions regarding programming, business affairs, and member activities.  A report of the deliberations (Minutes) and a Treasurer’s Report are available at the monthly luncheon meetings.