Frequently Asked Questions

May I visit just to see what the club is like?


Yes. A guest may visit two times before deciding whether or not she wishes to join the club.


How do I go about coming to a luncheon as a guest?


It’s easy!  Simply call the person in charge of Membership to make a guest reservation. She can also answer any other questions you may have.


As a member, can I attend some luncheons and not others?

Yes.  You make reservations for the luncheons you wish to attend.


If I only want to play Canasta, do I have to go to the monthly luncheons?

No. You must join and be a member to participate in the interest groups, but you do not have to attend the monthly luncheons if you don’t want to or have a schedule conflict. Once you are a member, you can just participate in the activities you desire.


How do I go about getting more information on the Interest Groups?

One of the best ways, is to come to a luncheon!  You can also call our Membership VP Linda B. at 512-586-1965.


 or e-mail your questions to