Monthly Luncheons – Monthly Menu

* Reminder: Reservations for both members and guests and Permanent List cancellations for our next luncheons are required by

3 pm Friday, June 5  (for June 10  luncheon) Cancelled

3 pm Friday, July 3 (for July 8 luncheon) Cancelled


June 10


Luncheon Cancelled due to Coronavirus pandemic




July 8


Luncheon Cancelled due to Coronavirus pandemic












No other modifications or substitutions


To reserve a seat, please put a personal item on the chair rather than the table at the place of your choice.


There is to be no take home food from buffet-style meals.


Note: For dietary reasons, a veggie plate may be ordered, but the order must be placed with a member of the Luncheon Committee

no later than the Saturday before the Luncheon.